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Three Innovation Points Of Solar Garden Lamp
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Courtyard lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting, usually refers to the outdoor lighting lamps under 6 meters, the main part of which is composed of light source, luminaire, lamp pole, flange and foundation buried parts 5 parts. Courtyard lights are divided into three types: Classical courtyard lights, modern courtyard lights, European garden lights. Now there is also a more energy-saving and environmentally friendly garden lights, that is, solar garden lights.

Solar Garden lamps are now also popular with more and more people because they have three major innovations:

1, energy saving and environmental protection Because solar garden lights are also a kind of solar street lights, so energy saving and environmental protection is the biggest feature of solar energy products. It uses natural light sources, does not need to consume electricity, and is inexhaustible.

For our current environmental crisis, it is a kind of products that meet the requirements of green environmental protection, no pollution, no radiation, so that we are more and more good impression of solar garden lights.

2, easy to install, safe and reliable Solar garden lights do not need to dig pits buried lines, installation steps are very convenient, almost silly installation, maintenance is also very convenient.

and solar garden lamp is the use of batteries to absorb solar energy, through low-voltage direct current conversion to light energy, is the safest power supply.

3, high gold content of science and technology The core device of the solar garden lamp is the intelligent controller, which has been set up for 24 hours a day and can be automatically adjusted according to the brightness of the sky and the brightness that people need in each environment.

This smart device is very convenient and can help us automatically adjust the status of the garden lights, or we can view the status of the courtyard lights. These are the innovations of solar garden lamps. With the Times more and more progressive, solar street lights will become more and more mature, then can bring us more convenience Oh!

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