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The Reason Why The Solar Garden Lights Are Not Li
- Dec 06, 2018 -

If the solar garden lamp has been installed, and normal use for a period of time, first check the controller's indicator light reaction, if the two LEDs are not lit, the controller may have been damaged, it is possible that the system is hit by a strong current, such as direct lightning strike or short circuit and so on.

1. Damage to light source

Due to natural or man-made causes of light source damage, resulting in solar street lighting system can not work, Shiliang when not bright, flashing and so on.

Solution: Overhaul the light source or replace the light source.

2. Damage to solar panels In the absence of any load on the solar panel to connect tens of thousands of tables to test its voltage, the general system operating voltage is 12v, under normal circumstances will be higher than 12v voltage, only the voltage higher than 12V can be charged to the battery, if below 12V will not be able to charge the battery.

Solar street lighting Systems do not work or do not work enough hours.

Solution: Replace the solar panel.

3, solar panel positive and negative pole connection

Solar Garden lamp system will only be lit once after installation, when the battery is used up after the solar garden lights will never light up. Solution: Replace the solar panel positive and negative pole.

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