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Precautions For Installation Of Solar Garden Lamps
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Solar Garden Lamp is a set of independent self-supply system, installation errors are prone to problems, so in the installation process need to pay extra attention, the following we talk about the solar garden lights in the installation process to pay attention to what matters. When installing, the battery should be lightly in the control box to avoid damage to the control box; The battery is an electrochemical equipment, sensitive to temperature, so when installing the battery should pay attention to the temperature range of the battery, to avoid direct sunlight, battery indoor and containers must be kept clean. The correct wiring of the battery is very important to the safety and efficiency of the system, the connection between the battery must use copper gasket to enhance its conductivity, and then bolted to the battery wiring column, to maintain the correct connection between the battery, to prevent the occurrence of short circuit.

The output line of the battery needs to be connected with the controller through the PVC pipe, and the connection is closed to close the control box door. When installing solar garden lights, each part should be kept fixed. The first step is to install the bracket and the arm part, the solar panel needs to be fixed to the bracket, pick one end of the arm to secure the lamp head, and then the installed bracket and the arm will be installed one by one to the main lamp pole. After the fixed, the various parts should be checked one by one to prevent the phenomenon of shedding during the lifting process.

Then to the solar garden lamp debugging work, to see if the normal operation, if the data display is normal, can be lifted and installed. The installer should wear a good safety suit, wear a good helmet, in the main lamp rod lifting process, pay attention to the movement direction and speed of the rod, by a person with a wrench to hold the lamp pole, so as to avoid rubbing phenomenon, after installation, the installation personnel need to carefully observe, the solar panel of the Chaoyang angle is biased;

If there is a problem, it needs to be adjusted in a timely manner. Solar garden lamp shape colorful, elegant and chic, it works stably, high safety performance, maintenance-free pollution-free. Community, parks, tourist attractions everywhere solar garden lights, it not only in the night to bring people light, and create a beautiful and harmonious living environment.

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