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Causes Of Failure Of Solar Garden Lamps
- Dec 06, 2018 -

With the development of science and technology, the quality of solar garden lights is getting better, solar garden lights are almost everywhere, neighborhoods, parks and other public places can see its figure. Many people believe that today's solar courtyard lights are of good quality and will not need to be overhauled after installation. In fact, this view is wrong.

Installation of good, hard quality of the solar garden lights if not maintained at a later stage, there will be failures, the common factors are as follows:

1, the material does not pass The low quality of the material in the solar garden lamp fittings is the culprit of the failure, which is more common.

Once the quality is not excellent, although in a short period of time to see no problem, but in the long-term use, solar garden lights are bound to fail, the main causes of failure are: battery life is short, light source damage and internal controller problems.

2, poor construction quality Because the construction quality leads to the solar garden lamp fault proportion is still relatively large. There are mainly the following performance: First, in the rainy day installation, there is only the phenomenon of power consumption does not charge, the impact on the battery; second, the Battery board angle adjustment problems, so that solar panels can not long absorb the impact of solar energy charging, the third is to block the sun plate, in order not to achieve the light effect,

Long-term use of solar panels will result in reduced energy consumption or direct damage; four, the controller in the process of connection errors, resulting in positive and negative poles, resulting in direct damage to the controller components.

3, the design is unreasonable

Solar Garden lamps have their particularity and require special attention in their design to ensure the stability and reliability of their system work. The voltage of the solar module will decrease with the increase of the temperature, because of the particularity of the solar street lamp, the solar panel is generally installed on the lamp pole, the lamp pole is generally more than 5 meters, the relative center of gravity is relatively high, and the solar panel is generally suspended, generally using a number of panels to form the required component power.

On the other hand, we should also consider the overall structure of street lamps, especially the wind-resistant calculation of street lamps and the aesthetics of the overall street lamp design.

4, supporting the quality of the project is not excellent Solar garden lights are generally installed on the pouring concrete base, sidewalk construction quality is poor, will make the ground sink, will lead to the solar garden lights skew situation, especially in the cold zone of the Northeast, will make the concrete and its own soil together, summer temperature once rising, the ground will appear sinking phenomenon, The lamp pole will naturally appear to dump the skew situation.

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