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Problems existing in Solar street lamps
- Dec 06, 2018 -

With the increasing shortage of traditional energy, solar energy applications will be more and more extensive, especially in the field of solar power generation in a short period of years has developed into a mature sunrise industry. 

1: At present, one of the most important links restricting the application of solar power generation is the price, with a double-way solar street lamp as an example, the two loads of a total of 60 watts, (in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River effective Light 4.5h/days, 7 hours per night discharge, increase the battery plate 20% reservation) Its battery board needs about 160W

According to 4 yuan per watt, the cost of the battery board will be 640 yuan, coupled with about 180AH battery group costs are also around 1080, the entire street lamp one-time input cost is significantly higher than the city lights, resulting in the main bottleneck in the application field of solar street lights. 

2: Battery life should also be considered in the entire street lamp system application, the general battery warranty for three years or five years, but the general battery in one year, or even six months will appear charging dissatisfaction situation, some actual charging rate may drop to about 50%, which will certainly affect the continuous rainy days of normal night lighting,

So it is especially important to choose a better battery. 

3: Some engineers often choose LED lamps as the lighting of solar street lights, but the quality of LED lights are uneven, light failure serious led half a year may attenuate 50% illumination.

So be sure to choose the light failure of the LED lights, or the use of cathode lamps, low-pressure sodium lamps and so on. 

4: The choice of controller is often a problem ignored by the engineer, the quality layer of the controller is not the same, 12v/10a controller market price in 100-200 yuan, although it is the smallest part of the whole street lamp system, but it is a very important link. The quality of the controller directly affects the component life of the solar street lamp system and the purchase cost of the whole system, one: should choose the controller with low power consumption, the controller can work 24 hours without interruption, if its own power consumption is large, it will consume part of the power, it is best to choose the power consumption of less than 1 MA (MA) controller. Two: To choose a controller with high charging efficiency, the controller with MCT charging mode can automatically track the maximum current of the battery board, especially in winter or during periods of insufficient light, the MCT charging mode is about 20% higher than the other efficiency. Three: Should choose the controller with two adjustment power, the controller with power regulation has been widely popularized, in the night pedestrian sparse time can automatically close all the way or two lighting, save electricity, but also for the LED Lamp power regulation.

In addition to the above power-saving function, should also pay attention to the controller on the battery and other components of the protection function, such as the controller with trickle charging mode can be very good protection of the battery, increase the life of the battery, in addition to setting the controller Undervoltage protection value, as far 

5: Far away from the city should also pay attention to anti-theft work, many engineers because of construction negligence, did not carry out effective anti-theft, resulting in batteries, panels and other components stolen, not only affected the normal lighting, but also caused unnecessary property damage.

In the project case, the theft is mostly the battery, the battery buried in the underground cement pouring is an effective anti-theft measure, in the lamp pole

It is best to weld and reinforce the battery compartment. 

6: The controller is waterproof, the controller is generally installed in the lampshade, battery compartment, generally will not enter the water, but in the actual project case the controller terminal cable is often because the rain along the cable into the controller caused by short circuit.

Therefore, in the construction should pay attention to the internal cable bent into a "U" type and solid type, the external cable can also be fixed to "U" shape, so that the rain will not be drenched to cause the controller short circuit, in addition to the internal and external line interface to apply waterproof glue. 

7: In the practical application of many solar street lamps, many places of solar street lights can not meet the normal lighting needs, especially in rainy days more prominent, in addition to the use of poor quality related components, another major reason is to blindly reduce component costs, do not design configuration according to demand, reduce the use of battery panels and batteries standards, So the streetlights are unable to provide illumination on rainy days.

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