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Installation steps for solar street lights
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Foundation pouring:

⒈ determine the position of the lamp, survey geological conditions, if the surface of 1.2-meter are soft soil, then the excavation depth should be deepened, at the same time to confirm that the excavation position below no other facilities (such as cables, pipes, etc.), the top of the street lamp does not have a long shading object, otherwise the location should be properly replaced. ⒉ in the position of the lamp set aside (excavation) to meet the standard of 1.3-meter pits, pre-buried parts positioning pouring. The embedded parts are placed in the middle of the square pit, one end of the PVC threaded pipe is placed in the middle of the embedded piece and the other end is placed in the battery storage place (as shown above). Pay attention to keep the embedded parts, the foundation and the original ground on the same horizontal surface (or the top of the screw and the original ground on the same level, depending on the needs of the site), one side should be parallel to the road; This will ensure that the lamp rod is upright and not skewed.

Then with C20 concrete pouring fixed, pouring process to constantly use vibration rod vibration, to ensure the overall compactness, firmness.

⒊ construction completed, timely cleaning of the residual mud slag on the positioning plate, and waste oil cleaning bolts on the impurities.

In the solidification process of ⒋, the water should be watered and maintained regularly, and the chandelier installation should be carried out until the concrete is completely solidified (generally more than 72 hours).

Battery pack Installation:

The output positive and negative poles of the ⒈ solar panel shall take measures to avoid shortening before connecting to the controller;

⒉ solar cell modules are securely and reliably connected to the bracket;

The output line of the ⒊ assembly should avoid nudity and be fastened with a strap;

The orientation of the 

⒋ battery pack is to be Xiangnan, whichever is directed by the compass.

Battery Mounting:

⒈ Battery in the control box should be lightly taken lightly, to prevent the smashing of the control box;

The cable between the ⒉ batteries must be bolted to the wiring column of the battery and the copper gasket should be used to enhance the conductivity;

The ⒊ output line is connected after the battery in any case to prohibit short connection, to avoid damage to the battery;

The output line of the ⒋ battery must be connected with the controller in the pole to pass through the PVC threaded pipe; ⒌ after the above completion, check the wiring at the controller end to prevent short circuit.

Close the door of the control box after normal.

Lighting Installation:

The ⒈ is fixed in various parts of the assembly: the solar panel is fixed to the solar panel bracket, the lamp head is fixed to the pick arm, and then the bracket and the pick arm are fixed to the main rod and the cable is worn into the control box (battery compartment). Before lifting the ⒉ lamp pole, check whether the fastener is firm in each part, whether the lamp head is properly installed, and whether the light source is working normally.

Then it is normal to work in the simple debugging system, loosen the solar panel cable on the controller, and the light source works.

⒊ when the main lamp rod is lifted, pay attention to safety precautions; screws are absolutely fastened, such as the components of the Chaoyang angle deviation, the need to go up to adjust its Chaoyang direction completely Xiangnan.

⒋ put the battery into the battery compartment, according to the technical requirements of the cable connected to the controller; first pick up the battery, then pick up the load, and then pick up the solar panel; Wiring operation must pay attention to the wiring and controller indicated on the terminal can not be connected to the wrong, positive and negative polarity can not collide, can not be connected;

⒌ Debugging system work is normal; loosen the solar panel cable on the controller, light; connect the sun plate cable, the lamp out; and carefully observe the changes in the LEDs on the controller; everything is normal, so that the control box can be sealed.

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