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How can solar street lights improve brightness?
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Solar street lights Since its emergence, has been favored and affirmed by everyone, this new type of street lamp has a lot of advantages, and is the use of large natural resources, let us profit a lot from it.

But there are some people who react that some solar street lights are not bright, what else do we need to do besides the internal reasons?

1. Determine the brightness of street lights before purchase Before buying solar street lights, if it is a large volume of procurement, it is best to choose a factory manufacturers, but also to visit the plant to see.

If you determine which one to buy, be sure to talk to the other person about the brightness of what the requirements, if it is not a big concept of this brightness, you can let the other side do a model to see. If the demand for brightness is high, then the size of the LED light source will be larger.

There are also some manufacturers will be out of your own consideration, to choose the most suitable solution for you, if according to your actual situation does not need to be particularly bright, you can also listen to the manufacturer's advice.

2, install a little lower If the solar street lights are to be installed on both sides of the road, we have to consider whether there are green plant occlusion on both sides of the road. Because solar street lights are converted into electrical energy by absorbing solar energy, if something is obscured, the effect will certainly not be very good.

When this is really the case, you might want to lower the height of the solar lamp pole and not be completely shielded from the solar panel.

3. Timing Check A lot of solar engineering after installation will not be a regular meeting, it is certainly not good to do so. Although solar energy does not need to be repaired, there is no need for personal care, but it is also required to check regularly.

Find that there is damage to the place to repair in time, if the solar panel too long did not clean up, but also occasionally wipe the solar panel. The benefits of solar street lamps are very many, such as energy saving and environmental protection, saving power, intelligent control and so on. I believe that in the days to come, solar street lights will bring us more surprises!

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