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Defects in the use of solar street lamps
- Dec 06, 2018 -

With the use of Solar street lighting technology, so solar street lights appear in the market.

However, in the actual research and application of LED street lamps, solar LED street lights inherent defects can not be avoided and difficult to overcome: The first is this set of "energy Saving and environmental protection" as the main selling point of the system, which itself has a lot of waste of resource allocation problem. Because street lamp products have mandatory standard requirements, which include the "electricity shortage rate" indicator, it does not allow like landscape lighting products can encounter rainy days do not work. In this way, from a technical design point of view, energy collection and storage must be based on the least desirable climatic conditions (short sunshine time season, continuous rainy've waited), so that under most conditions of use, most of the energy allocation (solar cells) and storage devices are idle, not only the system costs are bound to remain high

, but also runs counter to the theme of energy conservation and comprehensive utilization to be performed by the system itself. In addition, some seemingly relatively simple problems, in the actual application also need to be solved with a relatively high cost investment, including: first, centralized management of the problem, if not the use of electrical lines, it is difficult to achieve more important for street lamps centralized management and remote monitoring, but if the re-configuration of electrical lines, it will not only increase costs , the meaning of the product on the "selling point" has been weakened; second, the life of solar cells, battery life and other control components often life is lower than the life of the LED problem, which brings to achieve the long life of the entire system in fact, there are many problems, but also will produce relatively high maintenance costs; Because the system uses DC battery, very easy to be stolen, so anti-theft is also a big problem of the system.

In addition, there is a general installation of high-height solar cell weight problems brought about by the lamp rod design to improve the windproof capacity will also bring about increased costs, and so on these problems are solar LED lighting system can not fundamentally solve the problem. In contrast, with the continuous reduction in the cost of LED products, the use of the city power led street Price is constantly improving, combined with its life, electricity saving and other core advantages, after stripping the high-cost solar system, its one-time investment cost can be reduced to the degree that market-oriented applications can accept.

In line with its advantages in the concept of "energy-saving" products and the promotion of relevant government departments, the pace of application has begun to move from "demonstration and promotion" to the real sense of "marketing", follow-up with the progress of technology, the improvement of standards, the prospect of wide application is becoming increasingly clear.

In the foreseeable future, independent LED street lighting has become better, but the combination of solar energy applications is no longer a hot spot. Of course, to say that the technology is no longer a hot spot, it is not to say that there is no meaning or no prospect of development. On the one hand, the application advantages of solar LED lighting in some specific occasions (islands, scenic peaks, remote locations, etc.) are still obvious, including demonstration applications are also of positive significance, so technical research is still very meaningful; on the other hand, in landscape lighting (garden lights, lawn lights, etc.)

Aspects, as well as the possible future promotion of solar energy system in the regional network of centralized power supply applications, its technology and market are very promising.

Common Fault handling methods

1.There is voltage on the solar panel, but can not charge, Ledi green light does not light check the controller's solar panel end interface is reliable contact

2. The charging indicator Ledi (green light) quickly flashes the system voltage overpressure, check whether the battery is open, or whether the battery is connected reliably.

Or the charging circuit is damaged.

3. The load indicator LED3 (red light) is lit, but the load does not work check that the load end wiring is reliable

4. Load indicator LED3 (red light) flashes quickly, and the load does not short-circuit the workload

5. Load indicator LED3 (red light) slow flash, and the load does not work load power is too large

6.LED2 display red, and load does not work battery voltage protection, please charge 

7. The whole lamp is not lit. Solar street lights for outdoor lighting, often encounter high temperature and rain, low temperature rain and snow weather, and solar street lamp controller is usually installed in the lamp pole, easy to cause its inlet to the controller short circuit phenomenon. First of all, to observe whether the wiring end of the controller has a water trace rust situation, if it is possible that the controller has been damaged, no more battery voltage measurement, such as 12V Solar street lamp power supply system, battery voltage is less than 10.8V, the battery is no longer stored, need to be replaced. Check to see if there is a voltage and current output in the normal operating condition of the folding day Battery board. No new battery plate damage, replace the battery board.

All of the above is no problem, you should check the light source, only to the light source power supply, to see if it is lit, not bright to replace the light source. 

8. The lamp head flashes.

The cause of this failure, poor line contact, battery power loss, power storage is seriously reduced, in the case of no problem with the line, replace the battery. 9. The lighting time is short, the rainy day duration is short. Usually the battery storage capacity is reduced, the storage foot is caused.

Replace the reasonable battery can be. 10. Solar Street Lamp light source is not fully lit. Many solar street lights use dot-matrix LED light source, in addition to the LED light source itself quality problems, some of the lamp beads virtual welding will cause this situation. The solution is to replace the corresponding lamp beads, weld firmly or replace the entire streetlight head.

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