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Are solar street lights more expensive?
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Solar Street lamp is the use of crystalline silicon solar cell power supply, sealed battery storage of electrical energy, highlight LED lamps as a light source, and by the intelligent charging and discharging controller control street lights.

People who know about solar street lights are aware that the price of solar street lights is relatively higher than the price of ordinary streetlights, why? 1, street lamp cost: It is the main factor affecting the price of solar street lights, solar street lights have different parts, each part of the price will determine the final solar street lamp finished price.

The original of the street lamp is more expensive, which is the reason for its higher cost. 2, the use of LED bulbs: LED bulbs in the use of very high stability, basically a long period of use will not appear problems.

As long as the selection of the right LED lights, the sun in the daytime is more abundant, can meet the night street lamp electricity consumption, for the use of street lights will feel more convenient degree. 3, the use of safety: some ordinary street lights in the use of the process, if accidentally the wire has broken skin, or broken situation, in the lightning rain weather leakage problem, these conditions will bring some safety hazards.

Solar street lights do not have this problem and will be very high in terms of safety. 4, environmental protection and energy saving: Now no matter what energy, to nature will have a certain amount of consumption. But the solar energy is inexhaustible, compared with electricity is a very environmentally friendly source. And there is no charge at the time of use, when ordinary street lights are used, the electricity bill will have to be paid each month.

and solar street lights as long as the weather is better, street lights can be used normally, more convenient. Solar street Lights High luminous efficiency, small power consumption, long service life, low operating temperature, strong safety and reliability, small unit size, green environmental protection, so its product price compared to ordinary street lights must be slightly higher. But compared to its advantages, the price is actually not expensive.

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